Newest Releases

Here are my newest finished tracks! They are free for download; click on the song image icon or the title.


icon for Sunrise


Classic oldschool style trance with with a calm and reflective mood. Contains matching themes and similar styles with a previous song of mine called Sunset.

icon for Solstice


Uplifting trance original, playing with both sound design and composition. Project for SOMA3551 Sound Media 3 at COFA, UNSW. Interesting elements include nonconventional transitions, tuned effects, tempo variations, Shepard tones, key modulations (done mostly via blatant abuse of chord inversion).

icon for Gareth Emery - Sanctuary (HN remix)

Gareth Emery - Sanctuary (HN remix)

An uplifting style approach remix of Gareth Emery's Sanctuary, featuring vocal covers by Jean-Marie Voon. Recorded at UNSW COFA with a Rode K2 + TLA5051, mixed in FL Studio 10 Producer, mastered in Pro Tools.

icon for Sunset


Atmospheric & energetic progressive/melodic track inspired by Norman Ma's photo "Sunset in Wellington", with some rather interesting chord progression and key modulations.

icon for Light


Started from an old idea I had flowing around: triplet bass with short arp riff + off-beat distorted guitar. Strong sawlead with a massively long main melody line, some wierd chords too.

icon for Echoes


A strong progressive trance track with rolling bass and focus on bass rhythm syncopation. Also my first project for SOMA3615.

icon for Clouds


Simple, catchy, melodic light-weighted mix.

icon for Vortex


This one was hell hard to mix. A bit harder and less melodic than my usual style. Experimentating with manipulation of harmonics and distortion. Some whacky chords.

icon for Silence


An old favourite, re-mastered. The silence must end! Got aired on a TED show.


Legacy Tracks

Theres are out-dated ones I made years and years ago. They're public domain.


icon for Dusk


Catchy progressive trance track with focus on interesting chord progression and ambience.

icon for Resonance


Echoey track with a solid melody, trying out a supersquare synth for a lead.

icon for Void


Vast Emptiness.......repetitive classic old trance style song with strong progression.

icon for Buzzer - Mirage (HyperNewbie remix)

Buzzer - Mirage (HyperNewbie remix)

Old song, remix from buzzer, now known as MasterFlow. Has a nice rhythm.

icon for Hope


4 part piano song I composed for our year 12 farewell assembly. Never got played :(.

icon for Heaven Galaxy

Heaven Galaxy

Cinematic composition.

icon for Prediction


Trance song with strong ambient pads and strong rolling bass. Got aired on a TED show.

icon for New Era

New Era

Made for X-R clan, as their theme music. Thanks again to Axis for the hosting and domain!

icon for Surreal


Very atmospheric song with pad start, slow consistent drawn-out builds and a grand finish at the end.

icon for Vertex


Epic melodic trance with strong bass, this one was one of my more popular ones back then. Someone even did a remixt! (lost the link to it sorry)

icon for R-Trance - Force Of Gravity (HN remix)

R-Trance - Force Of Gravity (HN remix)

The story...once upon a time someone had some melodies and he didn't finish his song and I went hey let me finish it so I did. Also was one of my more popular ones.

icon for Ocean


Old song. With very nice melody at the end, was a big fluke. Might remix this someday.


Ancient Stuff

Theres are very very old, amateur songs I've made, in case anyone wants to hear them. They're also public domain.


icon for Dawn


Moody, slow, melodic, minimalistic electro-style song. One of my personal favourite synths 2 minutes in. Might remix this one too someday.

icon for Epsilon


Some nice tunes here, has one of my best melodies at the end. Fast builds and falloffs, and even a breakbeat section.

icon for Orbit


Was going to be a collab with T.O.N.E, then I kind of went and finished the song. Oops. This song marked a pretty big step up in my mixing, up from shitland.

icon for Nova


First time I really based a lead melody off arps.

icon for Starlight


Very very very old, spacey themed song.

icon for Reflex


Ambience/Minimalist trance track, with nice bassline and pads.

icon for Toby Emerson - Falling (HN remix)

Toby Emerson - Falling (HN remix)

Falling, one of Toby Emerson's classic hits from FruityLoops.



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