In this series I aim to provide a fast overview about a mid level computer graphics topics. The aim is for the reader to be able to understand the basics of the problems faces in real-time computer graphics, specifically as applied to games.


Real-time graphics in games today is quickly approaching offline quality a few years ago. It is a fast moving field that can leave behind the ones that haven't kept up to date. Books and courses become quickly outdated, and sometimes things can to change faster than universities and colleges can keep up with.

Real-time graphics in CoD: WWII

I have multiple people come with something along the lines of “Last time I did graphics was in college, but I'm keen to learn more! Any resources you can recommend?". I usually point them at the fantastic GPU Gems and GPU Pro series of books, SIGGRAPH presentations, OpenGL 4 tutorials and whatnot. Problem is that these resources usually target either specific APIs, or drive deep specific topics.

Hence I'm inspired to create this series of blog posts, in hopes of being an a combo tasting appetiser plate for real-time computer graphics; a bite sized piece of everything.