Ambiance is a real-time graphics demo, showcasing recent advanced techniques in the field of computer graphics. Developed in C++ using DirectX 9.0 with HLSL.

This was my project for COMP3901 Special Project A at University of New South Wales, Semester 2 2011.

Notable Features:

  • HDR
  • GPU Volume Raycasting
  • Real-time planetary atmospheric scattering
  • Distance raymarched Julia set fractals
  • Procedural terrain
  • Preetham’s sky
  • NVIDIA Skin Shader
  • Chromatic dispersion
  • Film grain
  • BDRF texture based lighting models
  • MLAA ( Morphologial Anti-aliasing )

If you just want to run the program, download the binaries (contains all models + textures needed to run). If you’d like to take a look at the C++ source code, download the source code zip. If you’re interested in the HLSL shader code, they’re included in the binary download in data folders.

Download ambiance (Binaries)

Source Code - MSVS2005

Detailed Report