An even older project I also did during my junior years at high school. Saw a mini-game in Ratcher and Clank and got inspired to make this. Pretty awesome.

Vectra Screenshot

Vectra is an 2D unique arcade-style game that has very addictive gameplay. It features 2D game engine using 3D graphics powered by the well-known open source graphics library OpenGL.

In Vectra, there is a cylinder with 8 rails leading towards you. Your shot can only shoot from the top rail, but the cylinder itself may be rotated to choose which rail to shoot on. Various types of cubes and electrospheres would appear and move towards you, and you just press the corresponding key or sometimes key combination to shoot the correct type of lazer. A wrong shot results in a slight penalty, to stop players from spamming keys.


  • Unique, Addictive, Simple, Fast gameplay - The gameplay is unique and addictive - you’ll be hooked in no time! Stray away from everyday commercialised games - you don’t need a complicated game to be fun!
  • OpenGL Graphics and 3D Engine - Using the powerful OpenGL Library, coded in C++, the engine, while simple in complexity, is not simple in graphics, featuring blended particle engines and simple environment mapping and such.
  • Many distinct levels - Each level, although may feature the same enemies, are distinct and non-repetitive. There are 30 levels, 32 in fact, if you include the 2 special levels. The last 2 levels will unlock once you finish level 30, and they are un-completable levels, because those levels speeds up infinitely until you can’t keep up!
  • Hi-Quality original Soundtrack - Vectra features trance music, composed by myself, RikiB (who is a signed artist), and TranceMission, and (unlike many other games) used under permission.(Except for my own song, don’t need permission for that :P)
  • FreeWare and Open Source - The game, along with the source code, is released under GNU Public License, which means that one is free to modify the source code. Please bare in mind that the music and texture may not be subject to Copyright.Well, its free to download! You have nothing to lose!(Maybe download qouta…)

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