Aeron is a combat flight simulator that focuses strongly on air combat maneuvering, artificial intelligence, and flight dynamics. Aeron minimizes focus on aspects such as intensive graphics, complex avionics, story/campaigns, and setting.


  • Realistic flight dynamics The flight dynamics strongly depend on graphing, to ensure the general performance factors of the aircraft match their real life counterparts.
  • Simple controls No avionics to worry about…focus is straight on maneuvering. Playable with keyboard.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence Lots of time and effort put into the A.I. to make sure it will make a good opponent!
  • LAN/Network support for up to 32 clients Connect up with your friends and engage bandits in massive furballs, up to 4 teams.
  • Full Tacview ACMI Recording support Review your moves and grooves after you finish your moving and grooving. Exports to Tacview format ACMI. (Requires Tacview to play those recordings.)
  • Low System Requirements Built on solid C++ code, using the well-known OpenGL graphics library. Combine that with simple non-intensive abstract graphics, and you got something that runs on a dump.
  • Joystick support Plug in your favourite flight stick or even gamepad.
  • Seven flyable real-world jets Fly your favourite modern jet! Raptors, Fulcrums, Vipers and more!
  • Free and Open Source A free beer with the recipe provided and license to change and re-distribute it so if you don’t like the taste you can get the recipe and make your own beer. What is there to lose?

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