An old project I did some time during high school. Pretty awesome party crasher, I crashed someones birthday party with it. Good times! Heres the short marketing-bloated description from the sourceforge site which I copy pasted:

Astra is a Top-Down semi-arcade action game that has its major focus upon co-operative multiplayer teamplay. Made with surrealistic, simplistic top-down style graphics, a full soundtrack and deep, balanced gameplay, Astra is sure to liven your hypes up, and the hypes of any friends/more-than-friends you’re playing with!

The players team up to defend enemies from the center tower, as any enemy colliding into the tower would take energy off all players. There are three unique classes that players can choose from for their spaceship; Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages. To beat all the 10 unique levels that Astra offers, the team of players would require strategic switch between these 3 classes to remain alive.

Astra Screenshot 1

Astra Screenshot 2


  • Unique, Balanced, Co-operative team gameplay - Deep, unique but simple gameplay that you can share with your friends and family!
  • LAN Multiplayer + HotSeat Support - Play over any TCP/IP network, and/or hotseat over the same computer.
  • Fast OpenGL graphics and solid C++ code - The engine is coded in solid C++, runs off the well known OpenGL graphics library, makes the game run fast even on low-end machines.
  • High Quality Soundtrack - All professional-quality trance tracks used with personal permission from respective authors, providing an energetic backing to the action! Featured artists Toby Emerson and Sonic Ether
  • Freeware and Open Source - FreeWare and Open Source - The game, along with the source code, is released under GNU Public License, which means that one is free to modify the source code. Please bare in mind that the music and texture may not be subject to Copyright.Well, its free to download! You have nothing to lose!(Maybe download quota…)

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